UX/UI Case Studies

Welcome to my portfolio.

Take a look at several projects I’ve worked on, digging into the UX strategy process from start to finish!

Progress mobile app (Material Design)

Progress mobile app (Material Design)

Capstone Project: Android App for Professionals at all Stages

How might we prepare entry-level prospects for their first job given that “they need experience to get experience”?

Progress helps people gain experience in a new field by connecting them with industry professionals via their existing LinkedIn account. When matched, services such as feedback on resumes and cover letters focus on effective articulation of skills. Intending to promote a cycle of empathy, users can focus on self-development with verified mentors by their side, both in person and online.

This was a personal capstone project completed in 10 weeks. Take a look at my journey from strategy development to completion!


Heuristic Redesign - “Fido” mobile app for Android

My colleague Shiva Mazlomi and I thoroughly evaluated the existing Fido “My Account” app in accordance with Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics, then redesigned the app to enhance its usability. We decided to focus on the “Add Data Bytes” task for the user flow. Join us on our journey to explore usability in mobile app design!


8 Hour Challenge: “State Academy” Multi-Platform Portal Design

Steven, Julie and I collaborated and presented on a 8 hour challenge to design portal experiences for all three personas: Teacher, Student, and Parent. Julie was in charge of designing for the Teacher’s iPad view, Steven was in charge of the Student’s Desktop view, and I was in charge of the Parent’s iPhone X view. We proactively utilized Google Drive/Sketch cloud sharing tools to ensure we synchronized our choices in design, maintaining brand identity and typography guidelines.


5-Day Sprint: “Station Bank” mobile app for iOS

How might we educate and inform users of their options in order to improve their financial well being and reach their goals?

My colleagues Kim Ruby, Natayi Kwok and myself planned and executed this iOS app from scratch within 5 days. Following Jake Knapp’s 5 Day Sprint Methodology, we were presented with a client request to design and pitch a mobile banking app. We began by focusing on our chosen target user, a young professional, to understand their unique needs and pain points. Based on our research, we found that young professionals are lost with financial planning, so we designed a flow on goal-setting and TFSA investment plans to reach their goals.