Interview Guide [Capstone]

Here is the interview guide for

Friendly Welcome

Interviewer: “Thanks so much for helping us out with this, I really appreciate it. Today, we’re going to spend 15-20 mins hearing your experience with job-hunting. We hope to explore general themes without any personal questions, and please feel free to refrain from sharing any detail you’re not comfortable with.  I’m a User Experience Design (UX) student and this will be so helpful in improving my research skills. Your responses will not be used in any way outside of class submissions - and you’re welcome to keep your responses anonymous”.

Interviewer:  “Wonderful. Again, thank you for taking the time to help me become a better UX researcher.”

Context Questions

Interviewer: “So maybe just for starters, you could tell me what kind of work you do?”

I did marketing an academic

Interviewer: “So what does that involve?”

Interviewer: “That sounds like _____________.”

Specific Questions

Interviewer: “Are you currently employed? What type? (company, freelance, etc)

*If not, continue to Option B*

Option A

Interviewer: How was your experience getting your first job? (16 years old onwards)

Interviewer: Was there anything you wish could’ve been better?

Interviewer: Why is that?

Interviewer: Tell me more about how you feel working in your current job: highlights, lowlights?

Interviewer: Tell me about your experience finding your job?

Interviewer: Was there anything you wish could’ve been better?

Interviewer: Why is that?

Interviewer: Is it your ideal job? What you studied for, any career changes? 

Interviewer: How do you feel about finding your ideal job? (i.e. one that pays the bills)

Interviewer: Why is that?

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on starting fresh in a new career?

Interviewer: Have you heard of any stories regarding the process of getting their first jobs?

Interviewer: With your insight, any recommendations or resources on finding a job?

*Continue to Option C*

Option B:

Interviewer: If you don’t have a job, do you prefer other roles (freelance, etc)?

Interviewer: If you want to find a job in a company, any services or tools to help you find one?

Interviewer: Ah, _______ (i.e. job fairs, etc). Can you tell me about the last time you went to______?

Interviewer: How did that make you feel?

Interviewer: Was there anything you wish that could’ve been better?

Interviewer: What did you like about that experience?

Interviewer: Are you in search of a job? Any means to do so?

Interviewer: Are there challenges to finding a job? Job searches, listings, requirements?

*Continue to Option C*

Option C (mandatory)

Interviewer: As a general question, do you have any career resources that you seek?

Interviewer: Where are they located? (Career advisors at school, online, agencies, etc)

Interviewer: What do you think about the process of getting help?

Interviewer: What did you learn from these resources? What do you want from them?

Interviewer: How do you wish it could have been better?

Interviewer: Did you pursue higher education (college, uni, etc) after high school? Do you feel like it prepared you for jobs?

Interviewer: What do you think your employer expects from you in terms of skills? How can you meet them?

Wrap Up and Feedback

Interviewer: “So we’ve come to the end of the interview. Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts - anything!”

Interviewer: “How did you find the interview? How could I improve as a facilitator?”

Interviewer: “Thank you for your time. I’d like to offer you a small token of appreciation - your next coffee/tea is on me!”

User Testing Script [Progress App]

Friendly Welcome

Interviewer: “Thanks so much for helping us out with this, we really appreciate it. Have you ever done something like this before?”

Interviewee: “I have” or “ I haven’t”

Interviewer:  *In the case of “I haven’t”: “Maybe I’ll explain a little bit. So when we’re developing new designs or new ideas, it’s really valuable to get some fresh eyes, fresh perspectives on it. That’s how I need your help.”

Interviewee: ______(“Great.”)

Interviewer: “What I’d like to do is spend some time chatting with you about some stuff, pretty casual, and then I’ll show you some different designs and some ideas. I’ll ask you a lot of questions, and please be free to critique the work - it won’t hurt my feelings, we want to make the designs better with your help. The way I’ll do that is I’ll show it to you, and ask you to think out loud as you navigate through it - trying to see it through fresh eyes.”

Introduction to Prototype

Interviewer: “So what I’m going to show you is a prototype of the app. Some things work, some things might not work, but we’ll just try it and there’s no right or wrong answer. Let’s try to see how it goes, if you think out loud we can see it better.”

Detailed Tasks to Get User to React to Prototype

You’re almost done your fashion design program and you’re preparing your portfolio to hopefully land that first job. You have registered with the “CAREer” mobile application using your LinkedIn login, and uploaded your LinkedIn resume. Your goal is to sign in, check your notifications and reply to your Mentor’s comment on your resume.

Task #1: Onboarding* (Note: none of the tasks are explicitly prompted)

Interviewer: (*shows prototype*) “Let’s take a look - what’s going on here?”

Interviewer: Please proceed when you’re ready

Task #2: Check notification

Interviewer: “Now, what do you think is happening on this screen? What do you like, or not like about it?

Interviewer: “Please go ahead and tap to proceed as intended” (if User taps notification, then jumps straight to “My Docs”)

Task #3: Select “My Docs

Interviewer: What do you see on this page? Please tell me any comments or suggestions. Any confusion?

Interviewer: Now your goal is to check your resume feedback. Please navigate the way you would feel is most natural to you.

Task #4: Select “Resume”

Interviewer: What do you see on this page?

Interviewer: Now, please proceed.

Task #5: View and Select “Summary”

Interviewer: Please tell me what you see here.

Interviewer: What does that indicate to you? Was that natural? Any suggestions? Any confusion?

Interviewer: Please proceed when ready. 

Task #6: Reply to Feedback

Interviewer: Please tell me what you see on this screen.

Interviewer: Please proceed when ready. (hopefully types keyboard and taps enter)

Interviewer: Any suggestions?

Task #7: Review Submitted Reply

Interviewer: What do you see here? What do you think about it?

Final Thoughts

Interviewer: Wow, you’re amazing for helping me through that. I know it had a lot of steps, and a lot questions coming from me - I really appreciate your time and effort. Any final thoughts that you didn’t get to share earlier? 

Interviewer: Thank you so much again. Your input is so valuable for my reiteration - I’m going to fix this prototype until it reflects excellent usability standards!