Fido “My Account” mobile application

Heuristic Evaluation | Redesign

*Under Construction*

Clickable Prototype:

Clickable Prototype:


It all started when…

I was trying to activate my FIDO DataBytes session* on my Android phone and I felt that the process was not user friendly. To activate 60 mins of unlimited data, I was provided with two options: tap to continue or shake for 3 seconds.

I gave it a 3-second shake, and STILL, it prompted me to tap through a confirmation modal to activate the session. Why suggest an alternative option when you have to proceed with the modal anyway?

So I teamed up with my colleague Shiva Mazlomi and we decided to do a heuristic evaluation on this task flow:


Team Roles:

Shiva Mazlomi: Wireframe Designing and Prototyping

Jessica Liang: Researcher, Copywriting, Testing

Project Plan:

Part 1: Heuristic Evaluation (10 hours)

Part 2: Mobile App Redesign (10 hours)


FIDO Brand Identity

We analyzed the brand identity of FIDO based on the website using the FontFaceNinja chrome extension. We found the brand colours, typography, and key design elements to redesign later on.

The elements below are listed accordingly, including Shiva’s custom vectored versions of the design elements to be used in the redesign, since we couldn’t extract the icons from screenshots alone.


Aesthetic and Minimalism