I was on my way to become an Arbitrator, specializing in Child Protection.

My passions remained separated - until I found my place in User Experience Design.

A medley of user behaviour study and design solutions.


I ask you this question: do you feel heard when you express yourself? Toddlers, seniors…everyone wants that. Being actively listened to is such a core human need, and just the tip of the iceberg towards a life of effective communication. 

As much as I try to objectively view conflict, I find myself wishing that we could all collaborate and understand each other more. If we actively seek to understand peoples’ unique intentions, I feel that we can prevent a problem from even happening in the first place. 

I was so drawn to the preliminary “How Might We” problem defining model within the User Experience (UX/UI) process. We need to figure out what others are struggling with in order to provide effective solutions. I’ve seen this applied to all the different kinds of people I’ve worked with - preschoolers, Grade 7s entering high school, seniors with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, consulting associates, even bubble tea connoiseurs! 

Message me about anything - I’ve found my passion in life, which is to promote a sense of belonging among people. I have to attribute this to my upbringing, having grown up as an expat in Vancouver, San Mateo CA, and Singapore. As a native English/Cantonese/Mandarin speaker (and learning American Sign Language), I’ve found that full sociocultural immersion is key to learning.

Let’s get snacks or a coffee - I can drink more than 2 extra large double-doubles by noon!